Alisha Westerman - Ego Trip
Alisha Westerman

Alisha Westerman - Ego Trip

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Alisha Westerman sees beyond this life into the hereafter. In Ego Trip, her first full-length studio album, the Caribbean American artist sings of paranormal romance, dating an apparition and miraculous recovery from a mythological heart attack, amongst other themes of transcendence. In fact, the album would have never been made without a helpful tip from a deceased musician. Westerman heard the late Isaiah "Ikey" Owens tell her to get in touch with his friend Chris. A quick online search led her to Owens’s friend Chris Schlarb of Big Ego studios, whom she then hired to produce the album. The circumstances are chilling, but the result is an album that feels warm, relatable and full of ardor.

 EGO TRIP, 2017

  1. After the Fact
  2. Change
  3. Anchors Aweigh
  4. Where You At
  5. Ego Trip
  6. Yo, Baby, Yo
  7. I'm Not Asking You
  8. Drum
  9. There is Nothing
  10. Will to Love
  11. Human Prize

Produced by: Chris Schlarb of Psychic Temple
Recorded at Big Ego Studio, Long Beach, California